What is rotten, how is it treated?

Tooth decay

Plaque formed by bacteria in the mouth, and the food waste form acids in  the mouth. And this causes  tooth enamel layer  to be damaged and, tooth decay begins.

There are three factors of dental caries.

carbohydrate foods
And structural factors, such as the structure of the tooth decay

How can you understand there is Cary?
Caries are seen in the form of dark holes  that  dentists refer to as the cavity.Sometimes caries can occur in   the intermediate surfaces and can be diagnosed with x-ray machine or hand tool called SOND by dentists.

Bruises are often the chewing surface of the tooth brush can not reach or is intermediate surfaces.
The patient comes to  the dentist  usually with  pain, cold and hot sensitivity or pain that when someting sweet-old is eaten .Yet,within  advanced decay pain may never end and make

How rotten is it treated?
After it is determined, rotten is cleaned by a dentist,Based on the depth of the cary it is filled out and if it has a advanced statue,in other words,if it damaged the pulpa (nevre on theeth) canal treatment has to be done.As anesthesia is being used pain is never felt.

How can you prevent tooth decay?
Brush the teeth on a regular basis for at least 2 times a day (morning and evening before going to bed) and dental floss should be used to clean up inner parts,by these applications decay problem existence can be prevented.